Why are we here?

Who are we?

What is our aim?

What is our purpose?

How do we achieve these and more?

How do we measure success and is there such a thing as failure?

(Well yes but we think positively - so it is learning - and learning is good)


All are profound questions and all ones that need answers if you wish to use your time constructively. Now we'll need to ask how we assess constructiveness!


Fine let us start, sitting comfortably?

No! You are crammed on the tube like an oily sardine in a can - well we'll help distract you

You are doing yoga poses at the same time, well done - can we have some tips please

The coffee shop is about to close - distract them by showing them our site, even better engage in a discussion about what you have just read

You are snuggled up in a duvet, excellent (the founder's favourite workspace)


Firstly, let's have fun, in a thought provoking kind of way

Secondly, be happy - you are expanding your mind, experiencing new thoughts, challenging ideals and dreaming up new possibilities and solutions


Now ....






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