My Memory of Wild Culture


Pilgrims of pain

Made Wild by Culture

The stony path longer

The mountain steeper

Respite fleets us by


Chasms of creativity

Ladders for learning

Slipping on the rungs

Broken I fell

Will anyone throw me a rope?


I need to climb out

To pitch my tent

A haven for us

For you for me

For them for we

Together from the Wilds

We will bring forth this Culture


Imagine my dear

Laugh do not fear

Adverse reversed

Sponsored perverse

Melding our methods

Rhyming our reason


No sense in this season

Fall fell in despair

Winter was harsh

No fires there to warm us

Carbon reminds this

In storms and in rain


Deluge and downpour

Floods rivers of tears

We come through it all

With rapid hearts


With love for each other

Dysfunction the party

For disparate people

Invited and open

Expressive emotional

Irretrievable irrational

Beautifully balanced


Wild is a battle

Forces of nurture

Nature is tempered

Resultant a Culture?

Or is it a Vulture?



 Lisa Ann Wilson













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