cultural ÷ divide

founder Lisa Wilson economist philosopher poet publisher

consultant - publishing/editorial  Herbert Wright architectural writer astrophysicist urbanist


Robert Priest  Lisa Wilson

behind the scenes

Donald Wilson physicist C÷'s IT platforms IT world business leader all round wonderful person

Duncan Toone accountant music producer manager

we ÷ admire

philanthropist John Durham safer greener energy provision through thorium/molten salt fuel technology

baker Vanessa Kimbell food÷activist game changer

eco-pirate Dr Lucy Gilliam soil to sea stopping pollution poison us and our planet

carbon free transport Arjen van der Veen fair ecologically safe cargo transport by sail

artist Nick Reynolds​ musician composer film producer actor sculptor digital artist present project: Lost Dog

humanist Dr Jane Noël mother doctor artist musician sports÷activist

​charity The Brooke improving equine and owner care for working animals

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